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Quality Control That Sets Us Apart

Quality Control That Sets Us Apart

Having a high level of quality control is something that we pride ourselves with. There are multiples steps along the way that will ensure that our products are coming out of our shop in a manner that will produce a happy customer.

Quality control means something different to every person, and especially every company. Quality control means to Lange Bros. that each and every item is being produced in an environment where they are being double and triple checked, as well as produced in an environment that thrives on quality with every member of our team.


 Every morning we run a test on our CNC machine to ensure that the machine is running at full mast and to our expectations. Daily we adjust our machinery as well as our people to know what variance the machine is forcing our team to coincide with. Running this test first thing in the morning is important to make sure that the technology is meeting our expectations. Technology is an interesting beast. It has made our shop run quicker and more smoothly than it has in the past. However, having a quality control test daily to makes sure that the technology is up to our par is very important. When you have a variable that you deal with daily that is hard to control, it makes it trickier in some ways. It’s not always easy to make sure that a machine is doing what you want it to do.


The other area where we have a strong quality control check is in our assembly area. We check every set of drawers to make sure the spacing is right. Every cabinet is wiped down to remove the dust from the shop. It is policies like this that we believe sets us apart from the others and what makes us a truly custom shop. Our team members in our assembly area work hard to ensure that what is going out the door is something we should be proud of, and it’s quality control like this that has kept us around for so long!


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