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Wilton Brands

Industry: Office Application/Type: Cabinetry & Countertops, Desks & Conference Tables, Stairs & Staircases, Location: Chicago, IL Architect: Ted Moudis Associates Contractor: Pepper Construction

Wilton Brands

Project Description

With an office headquarters located in Chicago, IL, Wilton Brands brings together the old and the new, showcasing test kitchens and highlighting their baking roots in ways that make this office unique. Things such as rolling pins and wooden spoons bring together this space in a way that only they could. In addition to utensils, the Plan Sliced Cherry and Maple headed up the portfolio of material that included plastic laminate, stone, and other solid surfaces.

Materials Used

Formica White Srops, Nevamar Zebrano White, Formica New White, Formica Platinum, Formica Citadel, Chemetal Light Stainless Steel, Stonepeak Silver Plane, Stonepeark White Plane, Stonepeak Napoleon Vena, Stonepeak Santasy Bright, Stonepeak Calcatta Vena, Stonepeak Travertino, Stonepeak Arbscato, Stonepeak Extra Vena, Rift Cut Red Oak, Plan Sliced Cherry, Plain Sliced Maple

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