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Promega Feynman

Promega Feynman

Industry: Office Application/Type: Desks & Conference Tables, Mouldings, Stairs & Staircases, Wall Panels, Location: Madison, WI Architect: Ewing Cole/Uihlein Wilson Contractor: Kraemer Brothers

Promega Feynman

Project Description

Located in Madison, WI this award winning office showcases that windows make a difference when it comes to highlighting millwork. With railing and moulding showcased beautifully next to a wall of windows we were able to show that simplicity highlights the grain of the wood in a way that opulence cannot.

Materials Used

Formica Café Weft, Abet Laminati, Nevamar Serence Stardom, Nevamar Verdicts In, Formica Neutral White, Plain Sliced Maple, Quarter Sawn Cherry, Plan Sliced Cherry, Corian Sage Brish, Hanstone Swan Cotton Quartz, Zodiaq Storm Grey Quartz, Corian Lavarock, Corian Pine, Cambria Sutton Quartz, Cambria Victoris Quartz, Hanstone Seringeti

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