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Our dedication to creating the highest quality architectural woodwork interiors begins with our people. Lange Bros. team members are trained to marry old-world techniques with today’s technology. We understand that craftsmanship and longevity go hand and hand, and the products we make today will outlast us all.

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Our Process

Our project management team ensures no detail is overlooked. We are your partner, and from concept to completion, Lange Bros. collaborates with architects and contractors to ensure each detail is captured, translated into the design, into the wood, into the finish, and installation to create an inspirational interior.


Your project plans and specs are reviewed, and our experienced estimators consult with the architect, contractor, or building owner to ensure the design and specifications are understood. At this point we may suggest substitutions or alternatives to help fit budget constraints, or ease of finishing and installation.

All Lange Bros. project estimates include a detail specific materials, quantities, inclusions, exclusions, as well as shipping information.

Pre-Production Coordination

We know that architectural woodworking is a details business. At this stage our project managers ensure all the components required to create your custom woodwork interior are defined and work together. For example: 

  • Coordination of where and how material can be delivered to site
  • Submit of project specific hardware and finish to ensure fluidity of the job
  • When can the exact measurements of a new build site be field verified, to avoid future modifications?

Identifying challenges and communicating component and design alternatives early in the process saves our customers time and money.


Our AutoCAD system helps us create all the necessary drawings for production. During the drafting process, the design is “tested”, at least on paper. The entire project team works together to troubleshoot the design. At the end of the drafting process the plans have been verified for functionality, aesthetic and custom size.


Because of our thorough pre-production coordination, the proverb “measure twice, cut once” is not a concern. When a project is ready for manufacturing our veteran woodworkers demonstrate their expertise:

  • Use of state of the art software to optimize the yield of material
  • Selecting from our library of knives or creating a custom knife for each individual project
  • Working with each piece of wood individually to highlight grain, color and strength

With every design our woodworkers plan how best to build each component, to create truly custom architectural woodwork.


An inspiring custom architectural woodwork interior can not be realized without a flawless installation. Lange Bros. works with onsite trades and manufactures components as large as possible so the fewest number of joints need to be assembled in the field. The result is a faster install, and the highest quality finished product.

At this sage in the process timing is critical and our Project Managers are in constant communication with the job site, so the finished woodwork can be packaged, delivered, and installed safely and on time.

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