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Lange Bros. Wood Mfg. Co. proudly hangs their new sign.

Delivery was totally weather-dependent, so rain or threatening weather meant potential delays. Material was only transported on sunny days.

First building expansion, as the company continues to grow.

War production dominated the 1940’s.

Further development along Douglas Avenue can be seen.

The facility receives a major facelift with a new brick façade. Lange Bros. is proud of their delivery fleet.

According to family lore, Rudy III and a friend decided to check out the view from the top of the dust collector, accessed by a ladder atop a flat bad truck. They didn’t plan on the wind blowing the ladder over – stranding them atop the tower. Eventually, a shop employee heard their calls, up righted the ladder, and everyone had a good laugh.

Rudy G. Lange proudly shows off his desk, alongside John Lange

Rudy G. Lange proudly shows off his desk, alongside John Lange

Having fun at the company (and family) cookout.

Another new Lange Bros. sign – and color photography!

From nearby Oshkosh, the double-end tenoner, was a mechanical jack-of-all trades.

A drum sander in action, with Rudy Lange and Rudy Lange III

Foley grinds knives for the moulder.

Co-founder John Lange stands in front of the family’s old building in Poland. In the early 1900’s Lange Bros. started as a furniture company in the “old country”.

Close-up of the grinder in action.

During the 1950’s Rudy’s (far left) son Rudy III (middle left) and nephew Jon Lange (middle right) took over, branching out from residential woodworking to architectural millwork. In 1988, Lori (Lange) Poull and brother Randy Lange (far right) became the fourth generation to operate the company.

Celebrating 50 years of hard work and tradition

While the shop floor has been refinished, the Lange Bros. attention to detail (and safety) haven’t changed.

Breaking ground at Lange Bros. North in Beecher, Wisconsin in 1999

Employees traced their names in concrete at the Beecher plant dedication.

Historical restorations to the state capital are a special delivery

Lange Bros. has always been an advocate of the trades and we’re proud to have been an early participant is the Schools to Work program.

Entering a new decade with a modern fleet of delivery trucks

Smile! You’re watching a master woodworker in action.

Another milestone . . . let’s have cake!